Skedify: Baanbrekende Werkgever '22

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Skedify is The First Optichannel Meeting Platform for Engaging Customer Conversations that allows you to own the complete customer conversation from A to Z.

For medium-sized and large enterprises in Banking & Insurance, HR & Recruitment and High-Involvement Retail that don’t sell their products or services online, but instead guide their customers with expert advice at critical moments in their customer journey.

Up to 90% of customers in these industries start their buying journey online. Skedify helps organizations in making their advisors accessible and available by offering a frictionless scheduling & video experience to their customers.

Skedify is the optichannel meeting platform that maps, and brings structure to all commercial scheduling & meeting complexity in your network. All possible scheduling use cases across this commercial network can be covered by the powerful Skedify plugin.

At the same time, we offer real-time insights into all commercial scheduling & meeting related activities, agent performance and availability capacity for your agent network.

Wat maakt ons een Baanbrekende Werkgever?

In our opinion, a good team acts like a well-oiled machine. Each person has its own function and their own strengths. On their own, they certainly have an impact, but the real magic happens when all these individuals are brought together to form a well working unit.

That’s why we wrote the Skedify Manual to guide how we work together, including rules such as:

Product focused but people minded - We are a bright young team that puts an emphasis on personal development. A work environment where we both share knowledge and learn from others, is very important to us.

Open communication is key - The classic 'six-monthly evaluation' ain’t gonna cut it. Open communication is key at Skedify.

More flexible than a yoga-instructor - We believe in personal commitment, not time tracking.

Agile as f*** - We use Agile to help you focus on the work you actually love doing.

Keep your friends close, but your colleagues closer - We should warn you, we like to mess around at Skedify. The strict, corporate business atmosphere is not our thing. Life is serious enough as it is.



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